alphabetical listing of all puzzle titles
lphabetical listings for each box code
box codes (and how to identify them)
box color listings
box color study
box cover pictures   (broken out by box code)
box flaps & end flaps for identification
box inserts
copyright data on illustrations used   (still in work)
count of each box code
dating boxes
die cuts

differently named pictures (a cross reference)
generic identification system
hardcopy listings for download
history of the company & of the web site
lithographers   (still in work)
numerical listings   (for applicable box codes)
pictures of completed puzzles   (in galleries)
pictures of completed Perfect Double puzzles

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Identifying the box codes

These nav bars divide all the puzzles
into six general catagories.
- - - - -
Within each you'll find the applicable box codes covering the category you selected.

Here is the small perfect screen...
- - - - -
Similiar box covers are grouped together
 with notes showing the differences.

To see additional box info, click on the box cover pic...
- - - - -
For an alphabetical listing of titles within a box code
click on the yellow bar for that box code.


Here is an example of one of the additional info pages...
- - - - -
It could show box flaps, bond stamp placement
color differences - anything pertinent.

Alphabetical listings for each box code
also show the box colors and an example for reference.

(see box color study for why we show box colors)

On the numbered puzzle box codes, the listings are
in alphabetical order and in numerical order

(no box color is shown for numbered puzzles)

checking the box covers

This page will take a few moments to load as there are a lot of different boxes here.

(once it is all loaded, returning will reload a lot quicker)

Select the box code you want to view, noting that some of them are subdivided because of the number of boxes in that box code

On the individual box cover pages,
there is a space for each known title
and a picture of each available box cover.
- - - - -
Some box covers have been found in different colors within the same box code, and this is
shown or noted at the bottom of the affected pages.
- - - - -
Version numbers are shown after any applicable title and indicate that the title has 2 or more different pictures within the Perfect Picture family.

(read about versions in a seperate section)


pictures of completed puzzles

 Puzzle pictures have been grouped into galleries of somewhat related subjects....

  And since my choices of which gallery to put any particular picture in may differ from yours, making it hard to find, I've added a list to help. This clipboard icon is at the bottom of gallery selections....

Within each gallery, the pictures are alphabetized & grouped according to horiz or vert orientation
- - - - -
Versions are shown were appropriate
- - - - -
And artists are identified when known.
- - - - -
Click on a picture and a new window will open,
 showing a larger version of that picture.

these galleries are incomplete and currently
show only a portion of the available puzzles.

The completed puzzle pictures for the
Perfect Double puzzles can be viewed by going
to the appropriate box cover picture gallery
and clicking on a box cover pic...
the puzzle picture will open in a new window.

Note: not all puzzle pictures currently available


mis-cel-la-nea  n .pl : a collection of miscellaneous writings or notes

Some very useful information can be found here.
all lists are correlated to each other


box color study  why we are so interested in colors & what they can mean to us

alphabetical listing  covers all known titles and shows all applicable box codes

differently named pictures the same picture can have several different names

versions  the same name can be many different pictures

copyright data  lists when and who held the copyright on the pictures
(still in work)

dating boxes  shows the span of time the various boxes were produced

count shows how many of each box code has been found to date

lithographers the printing companies who made the pictures
(still in work)

hardcopy listings download listings to print your own copies


mi-nu-tia   n. :a minute or precise detail : a minor particular : a petty matter : a small thing

Here you'll find a gathering of small facts
in several areas of interest that you may find
 usefull and interesting

die cuts  shows the different cuts for various box codes along with a piece count & pithy comments

repairs  shows some tools and  methods for making minor repairs

signatures  examples of some of the artist's signatures

box inserts old advertisments that came in most of the earlier boxes

anomalies  somewhat unique and out-of-the-ordinary things

a more graphic system to identify box codes (used before I found Chris' system)

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All Rights Reserved
Jim Ciccotti



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